Planes® Benching

Designed by Dan West

Planes height-adjustable benching provides ergonomic solutions that give people the choice to sit or stand and change postures throughout the day. Choose from single-sided and dual rectangles or 3-pack 120° configurations. 


Sit. Stand. Move.
Planes benching offers several manual and electric adjustment options to support ergonomic and well-being needs. The manual adjustment option crank provides 27”- 46” of height range at 1” per six turns while the electric adjustment option offers three ranges: 22"– 48" for sit to stand; 24"– 50"; and 27"– 46".

Planes benching utilizes the same 3, 2+2, and 3+1 power system as other Haworth product to address user needs and consistency across the floorplate. Organize and conceal cables and cords in a variety of ways: cable chain between the worksurface and benching structure; or through various base feed options for end or middle of the run as well as above or below worksurface. Optional screens attach to the benching structure or top for visual privacy and color accent. Available in fabric, laminate, veneer, markerboard, and glass.


Colors, Materials, Finishes
Planes worksurfaces are available in standard Haworth finishes, including laminates and veneers. The base is available in all standard Integrated Palette™ paint colors.