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Haworth has been a trusted partner for U.S. Federal government and military buyers for over 40 years, and we understand the unique requirements for those clients. Through GSA contracts, we provide outstanding products and workplace solutions at competitive prices. Haworth offers the most comprehensive range of products from any single supplier on a GSA contract.


Featured Federal Government Products

Haworth Poppy chairs in a healthcare sector
Haworth Poppy chairs with swivel base inside a Pergola

Working with Government Buyers

Haworth works with a wide range of clients, including government agencies. Whether you’re a longstanding client with an existing procurement relationship or a prospective client who wants to know more about the products we offer, Haworth can help you find the right solutions for your space.
Our authorized dealers and sales representatives have the necessary experience to work with your budget, security, and space requirements. We offer transparent pricing and competitive bidding on our contracts for the federal government and military as part of the GSA program.

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GSA Resources

Our GSA Price Books include pricing information. Explore contracts that are available to your government agency.

What Haworth Offers to Our Clients

Haworth’s workplace expertise helps you create effective spaces tailored to your specific needs. Through our meticulous research, we understand how organizations can improve employee performance and space utility through office design. Blending places where people can focus on individual tasks or collaborate in groups helps offices accommodate different workstyles.
Haworth products are engineered for ergonomics, adaptability, and longevity. We have a range of office seating options, including task chairs, as well as modular workstations and ancillary products. Not only do we create workspaces where employees can do their best work, we also create welcoming, inviting, and comfortable environments.

Canadian Government

Haworth also works with Canadian federal government buyers. Our Supply Arrangements are a responsive procurement resource, helping Canadian customers find and select the contract that best fits their projects.

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