Putting People at the Center

Haworth works with health systems to create spaces where people can flourish. Through decades of experience, we understand that patients, caregivers, community, and administrative staff each contribute to transformative healthcare outcomes. We collaborate with designers and customers to create exceptional spaces that meet their unique needs—now and in the future.


Featured Healthcare Furniture Products

Haworth Maari stool chairs in blue in a healthcare space

The Future of Healthcare

Haworth recognizes that healthcare is changing, so we’re designing products and creating spaces built for the future. Haworth researchers have identified some key trends in healthcare space design, and these ideas inform our work with our clients.

Healthcare is a Team Effort

Providing quality patient care requires effective collaboration between caregivers and healthcare staff. Teams that work together can reduce individual workloads and improve collective efficiency. Spaces designed for caregiver and staff collaboration, like a nurses’ station or care team hub, streamlines work and improves the experience for everyone.

Technology Bolsters Care

Integrating easy-to-use technology throughout a patient’s journey—from giving caregivers reliable access to comprehensive information to sharing test results on apps—will be an increasingly important aspect of care. Haworth’s partnership with Ergotron empowers medical planners to design spaces with advanced tools such as mobile carts and wall-mounted workstations.

Caring for Those Who Care for Others

Burnout is one of the top issues facing the world of healthcare, where people work long hours in stressful situations. Our ergonomic furniture helps caregivers feel better while working, including task seating, exam stools, mobile carts, and height-adjustable workspaces. Haworth’s ancillary furnishings also offer options to create comfortable respite areas for healthcare personnel.

Building Spaces for Resilience

Resilient, versatile spaces equip health systems to evolve over time while maximizing real estate investment. Lower construction costs, especially when converting old retail spaces into new medical facilities, helps improve healthcare access for communities, too. Haworth’s architectural products, including moveable walls, pods, and sub-architecture are modular solutions that can change as patient and caregiver needs change.

Haworth furniture for healthcare segment

Striking the Right Balance

Successful projects require us to balance the realities of healthcare with the needs of patients, caregivers, and staff. In its entirety, the design of a healthcare facility should make people feel better while they’re receiving care, waiting, or working.

  • Engage the Patient - A key aspect of care is making patients feel comfortable and safe, so healthcare providers are moving to incorporate more hospitable settings within their space.
  • Empower the Caregiver - Well-designed spaces, featuring our industry-leading workflows, and ergonomic furniture help caregivers work and feel their best, combatting burnout and improving staff retention.
  • Foster the Community - Health systems welcome everyone into their spaces, so it’s important to provide various spaces to let each person choose where they feel most comfortable.
  • Enable Administrative Staff - Haworth’s commercial office furniture and space design expertise translates well to behind-the-scenes administrative work in health systems.


Lighthouse Surgery Center

Orthopedic and spine surgeons created a space for the entire patient journey.


A renal treatment giant designed and built a modern headquarters in Denver.

Haworth furniture at Cincinati childrens hospital

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

A tower addition became an opportunity to add collaborative spaces.

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