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Good design should be easy to specify. Our standard upholstery and finishes are available broadly, across various product lines, giving you the freedom to mix, match, and layer coordinating elements simply and easily.

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Browse over 4,500 surface material options included in the Standard, Alliance, and COM programs.  Then, apply the search filter(s) of your choice.


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Get inspired by the latest trends in color, texture, and materials, and see how you can use them to create your own designs.

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Want to know about our latest material additions, or find out more about some of our most innovative and popular offerings? You’ll find it all right here.

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Frequent and proper cleaning helps people stay healthy, while keeping your products looking and performing their best. Use our resources to guide your cleaning practices for the best results. 

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We work with ethical suppliers and partners to provide environmentally conscious solutions wherever possible—using recycled fibers, water-based paints and stains, FSC® certified veneers, as well as sustainable processes.

Environmental Stewardship

Our Values guide us to think and act with a collective purpose to make the world better


Scapes: Recycled and Biodegradable

Scapes is a proprietary, dual-purpose, bleach cleanable fabric made from 100% post-consumer recycled biodegradable polyester. Part of the CLEAN IMPACT TEXTILES™ Biodegradable line, Scapes carries a compelling eco story.