Pioneers and experts in acoustic solutions to support well-being

BuzziSpace creates acoustic solutions, furniture, and lighting products for the changing workplace and the hybrid way of working. This small and mighty team believes “acoustic solutions shouldn’t be ugly.” BuzziSpace collaborates with talented designers, providing the building blocks for well-thought-out happy and healthy spaces anywhere.

Silence is Not a Luxury

Acoustics are part of BuzziSpace’s legacy, as a driving force from the very beginning to this day. With a commitment to quality design, BuzziSpace provides not only beautiful and straightforward designs, but products that serve a purpose. It’s a tried-and-true acoustic portfolio that has undergone rigorous testing to deliver maximum performance with minimum visibility.


Designed with lobbies and social spaces in mind, BuzziSpark invites you to relax into the comfort of an acoustic shelter while you wait.

BuzziNordic ST100

The timelessness of Scandinavian furniture gives backstory to BuzziNordic ST100 with its vintage look.


Along with its fun character, BuzziCactus is a freestanding screen that easily improves any open or sparse office as it helps reduce noise—no matter what shape you choose.


BuzziMilk is a fresh take on farmhouse style, adding a layer of texture and inviting interaction. Rustic meets modern in a favorite that makes grandma feel nostalgic.

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