About Haworth

We believe great spaces empower people to thrive and work their best. Haworth is a leading global furniture maker that builds innovative products for optimal workplace performance. We’re a values-driven company with an entrepreneurial spirit, multicultural presence, and design-forward approach.

$2.5 billion in

global sales

Operating in 150+ countries


8,000+ members


Zero waste

to landfill since 2012

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Our Approach

Haworth leads with design. Learning and innovation spur us to deliver the best workplace solutions. We collaborate with our partners and clients from around the world to bring broad perspectives and creative solutions to our Organic Workspace approach. This multicultural tapestry of ideas gives us a truly global outlook.

We design, source, and manufacture products in the regions where we sell them. This process gives us greater agility and more sustainability. Haworth tailors its products and services for distinct cultures and client preferences around the world


Haworth is the founding brand of the Haworth Group, a portfolio of commercial interiors and lifestyle brands that are owned by Haworth or partner with us. Each brand brings a unique perspective, innovative approach, and exceptional products to the Haworth Group. See our brands that work with commercial clients below.


Our History

For over seven decades, our innovative mentality has helped us deliver outstanding products for our clients. Haworth has grown over multiple generations of family leadership, powered by an entrepreneurial spirit.

In 1948, G.W. Haworth invested funds from his parents’ life savings to turn his garage woodworking shop into a full-time business. Within a few years, G.W. began making office furniture. His son, Dick Haworth, invented pre-wired panels, a significant innovation in workplace technology. That invention propelled Haworth into an international company with a diverse portfolio of products over the next few decades.

Dick became chairman in 1994 and eventually passed the torch to his son, Matthew Haworth, in 2009. Under Matthew’s leadership, Haworth has continued to create products that push the workplace forward, acquired legacy design brands, and solidified our commitment to sustainability.


Our Values

Haworth put pen to paper in 1976 to craft our company values. These values guide our company, defining our business behavior and informing our decisions. They are the foundation for today’s activities and tomorrow’s growth.



Haworth is headquartered in Holland, Michigan, and we have members—our term for employees—all over the world. We offer competitive compensation and opportunities to grow.


We publish our latest commentary and research about the world of work, including topics like workplace performance, inspired design, and how spaces can contribute to well-being.

Contact Us

If you’re interested in learning more about Haworth or how to purchase our products, please reach out to one of our representatives for more information.