The Future of Work is in Motion

Compose Echo workspaces prove that two worlds can coexist in one space, allowing individual work and team collaboration to happen fluidly. This innovative, modular workplace system creates mobile workstations that move the way you do—with the flexibility to adapt to a variety of workstyles and activities. Easy, intuitive movements give people freedom to quickly change position, posture, and orientation to support their work, personal comfort, and well-being.

Redefined Flexibility

The future of the workplace is flexible. Compose Echo is a scalable solution for open plans, designed to create active spaces that move to accommodate changing workstyles. Users can effectively shift between focus work and collaborative tasks, adapting to the variety of activities required throughout the day. 


Made to Move for People

Compose Echo creates high-performing team spaces that move for people—not the other way around.

Craft Your Own Environment

Compose Echo supports both facility strategy and organizational culture needs—without sacrificing one for the other. Pick and choose from a menu of thoughtfully designed modular elements and options for efficient space planning today and in the future.

Future-Ready Flexibility

Honoring the promise of our Integrated Palette™—a grouping of product lines that work together seamlessly to adapt to changing needs in the work environment—everything within the Compose Echo portfolio is retrofittable with existing Compose installations.

Active Spaces for Active People

Through macro and micro movements, users can customize their space to support their preferences and varied daily activities. Intuitive controls let people maneuver and toggle between individual and collaborative work fluidly in one space.

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