Maximum Workstation Flexibility

Today’s office workspaces must be versatile, supporting individual work as well as collaboration and communication. Integrating modular workstations into warm and inviting spaces helps people feel comfortable—and there are plenty of ways to customize Compose Workspaces, supporting people however they work best.

The Compose Workspace Portfolio

Compose provides cohesive, engaging workstation solutions designed to continuously refresh spaces, adapt to people’s activities and workstyles, and make the most of an office investment. With extensive options for workstations and office desks, Compose gives designers the flexibility to create unique and effective spaces with durable, universally compatible components.

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Engineered for Reconfiguration

Compose has extensive options and durable, universally compatible components. These workstations allow you to create cohesive solutions that withstand reconfiguration and support a variety of workstyles.

Maximum Flexibility

Compose offers endless configuration options—including different dimensions, aesthetics, and connectivity—to optimize space planning for individual and group spaces. Compose evolves so new products can integrate with previous ones.

Return on Investment

Compose products and their modular features give you confidence that your products can adapt and reconfigure as your office environment changes, which ensures that your workstations will retain their value.

Creativity & Innovation

The Compose portfolio provides scalability, variety, and choice in a cohesive floorplate. Compose has an orderly yet flexible framework that balances facility strategy with user control for activity-based work.

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