We are excited to be back together in the office

The last year required many changes to where and how we work. We have all had to learn how to work in new ways, how to stay connected and engaged with our teams. These experiences will shape the way that we work going forward. Many people are looking forward to being back together at the office, the hub of work and activity.

Our Global HQ Story

Navigating the New Normal

Organizations are seeking to understand what short- and long-term workplace changes to implement—from facility needs, to work rotation and the sequenced return of the workforce. We have identified three critical areas of focus to help you navigate return to the workplace:

Employee Well-Being – Supporting people’s physical and psychological health to build confidence and enhance performance

Organizational Culture – Understanding and preserving your culture to empower your workforce and leverage your space in new ways

Transforming the Floorplate – Addressing facility requirements, density, and exposure while mitigating risk

Haworth’s Unique Approach

Learn more about how to design the office to be the hub in a hybrid work environment

Work from Anywhere Ecosystem 

When we think about what the future of work looks like, hybrid work happen fluidly among three primary physical locations: office, home, and third places.