Design excellence, rooted in the history of modern classics with a vision toward the future

Always future focused, Cassina addresses contemporary lifestyles with the creation of complete and harmonious atmospheres. Its constant commitment to research and innovation, combining technological skill and traditional craftsmanship, is embodied in a unique, eclectic collection that spans over 12 decades of design excellence.

Timeless Design

The marriage between this manufacturer and designer was made in 1964—one year before Le Corbusier’s death—through an exclusive licensing agreement that helped to blend his iconic designs with modern technology.

Classics for Everyday Life

Cassina began producing LC products, including the iconic LC4 chaise lounge chair, as well as armchairs, sofas, and tables. Though Le Corbusier’s illustrious career came to an end in 1965, his influence was undisputed.

Innovative Fusion

Cassina creates high end Italian furniture that is a fusion of industrial technology and artisan manufacturing. Cassina's identity embraces both iconic designs with quality materials and craftsmanship while also using industrial technology to create furniture that honors tradition while looking toward the future of the office. A preeminent design leader and manufacturer of original Italian office furniture, Cassina works with designers to create chairs, sofas, armchairs, and accessories.

More on Cassina

Explore Cassina's portfolio of products based on research and innovation with a long-standing tradition of Italian artisan craftsmanship.