AIA Course #: HAW800 - HSW
Programming & Analysis
IDCEC Course #: 106845 – HSW
Subject Code: 5. Technical Knowledge/1. Acoustics

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Course Description

What are your client’s expectations of the acoustics of a space? What does “Good Acoustics” mean, in each functional area? Privacy? Intelligibility? Minimized distraction? Sense of activity? What acoustic challenges exist in your current space that need to be addressed?

This 1-hour course will review the principles of acoustics as a science, offer examples of how to use key design tools for office interiors, and describe the key factors that define the user experience of speech privacy.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the primary factors prompting the need for speech privacy.
  • Distinguish between speech intelligibility and speech privacy, and understand how signal-to-noise ratio, privacy index and sound frequency relate.
  • Name the four key design tools that can be deployed to ensure speech privacy is achieved.
  • Identify the performance properties of the key construction elements that are necessary to ensure privacy is achieved.
  • Examine real world applications of workplace design that incorporate speech privacy.