An icon of modern design with a passion for experimentation

Cappellini has become synonymous for contemporary and avant-garde design, featuring a collection marked by creativity and expertise, combined with a passion for experimentation. The brand has become known for its instantly recognizable designs. Quality and craftsmanship lead the way, from each unique design profile to how it's made.

Inspiration from art.

Although Enrico Cappellini began the company as a furniture maker specializing in wooden furniture and casegoods, Cappellini experienced a creative evolution when son Giulio brought his passion for art and design.

Simple, bold, eclectic.

Unlike many other luxury Italian furniture companies, Cappellini’s modern Italian furniture collections are known for tapping new trends and far-flung talents, placing minimalism alongside pop fashion, technology, and amoebic forms.

Flair for design.

At the forefront of international design and furnishings, Cappellini works with designers all over the world whose conflicting sensibilities don't define a “Cappellini style,” but instead compete to form a balanced and convincing collection.

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