Flex and Adapt to Future-Proof

A global marketplace. Work anytime, anywhere. To prep for internal and external change, plan for flexibility and adaptability in the workplace upfront. So when it’s time to reconfigure, expand, move, or downsize, you’re at the ready. We’re here to support the needs of people and spaces with solutions to help you become a more agile organization.


5 Leading Architects Weigh in on the Future of Work

The workplace is changing. The question: What will the office look like in the near future? Key themes: humanness, happiness, fluidity, essential amenities, and curation. See what leading architects shared with Metropolis magazine about the future of work from their unique perspective.


7 Innovative Spaces for the New Ways We Work

Thanks to the internet, any place is a workspace. But there’s often a price that comes with an ability to integrate work with life 24/7. See how inspiring spaces can bring people together, support them in their work, and keep the flexibility they desire.


The Best Companies Grow and Change Shape

As people change and evolve, workspaces should flex and adapt. Haworth’s Organic Workspace is a perspective of space design built on global knowledge and a design point of view. It is also a process for creating space. See how aligning people and space optimizes performance.


The Shape of the New Workplace Ecosystem

Workplace culture is intangible. Yet it touches every aspect of work. Shaped by values, culture affects how and when we work. As we adapt to a new workplace ecosystem, see why it’s critical to consider the influences of culture on space design.


Key Factors to Support Workplace Change

Companies that effectively manage change consistently outperform their competitors. Managing change in the workplace requires a systematic process. See how well-managed workplace changes help individuals adapt to a positive transition and achieve organizational goals.


Great Alone—Better Together

Want a grouping of products that work together and flex with changing needs? Integrated Palette is a fully adaptable kit of parts. Common materials and finishes. Configure and reconfigure. Future assurance that products will adapt and stay relevant. Create flexibility with scalability, variety, and choice in a cohesive floorplate.

Haworth Resonate lounge in LinkedIn office

Building Agility for Social Network

How do you support global teams that work in the context of neighborhoods? The world’s largest professional network turned to an unused building on campus to create a more dynamic environment. See how reimagined space gave engineers at LinkedIn flexibility and choice in the ways they work and interact.

Haworth S lounge, X99 chairs, Pergola workspace in Clemson

Space Fluidity is Academic

Clemson University is an academic enterprise in action. To facilitate hands-on higher education, an innovation center was designed to support students, faculty, and industry partners. Learn how this agile, high-tech environment allows cross-disciplinary teams to come together and take ideas from concept to reality.


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