Driven by Our Values

Haworth values define our business behavior and inform our decisions. They form the foundation for today’s activities and tomorrow’s growth—in the global markets we serve and the communities where we live. Working to make the world better is one of our core values that drives us to create sustainable solutions. Read our Corporate Social Responsibility Report to learn about our 2025 Commitments and progress in 2023. We are on a mission to help protect and restore the environment, support and strengthen global communities, and foster well-being.


Our 2025 Commitments

In our ambitious goals to become a sustainable corporation, our values guide us to achieve aggressive targets that drive our mission forward. Our strategy is focused on three key areas that form a road map for continuous improvement.

People & Community

We empower our 7,000+ members around the world to connect and bring a spirit of optimism, drive, inclusiveness, and appreciation for service. We recognize that our success is intrinsically linked to the health and vitality of the communities where we live and work. It is an honor and privilege to apply the assets, capabilities, and resources that help make us successful to efforts that help communities thrive.

Circular Economy

A circular economy optimizes continual use of resources, reducing waste, and enabling a closed loop system. It is one of the biggest opportunities to design a sustainable future – and an essential part of our strategy.

Operational Performance

As we focus on improving our global footprint, manufacturing and environmental responsibility are not trade-offs – neither are profit and people. We continue to seek opportunities to address the environmental impact of our business in all facets of our operations

We Are on a Journey

As a private company, we take great pride in our corporate values that prioritize people and the world we live in. Our initial sustainability policy was created in the 1990s—a company-wide commitment informed by and integrated into our business strategy.  

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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging

At Haworth we build belonging. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are essential aspects of our culture and foundational to our success as a company. As building blocks, diversity, equity, and inclusion allow us to build a workplace that allows all members to bring their authentic self to work. 

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Our Sustainability

Planning for sustainability is a business imperative and collective purpose that can empower and engage our members, partners, and customers. We think beyond our business to make the world better, using our values as our guide. This approach promotes longevity and delivers value to the people, communities, and planet we serve.


Additional Sustainability Topics:

Sustainable Building Contributions

Material Chemistry & Transparency

International Circular Services

Carbon Accountability

Sustainable Wood

Circular Design

We're on Ecomedes

Easily find sustainability certifications and information for Haworth's products and brands.


We Work to Make the World Better

By continuing to embrace and deepen our values, we can contribute to building more inclusive and equitable communities to fulfill our goal of becoming a sustainable corporation. Our values bring balance in all that we do as our organization evolves. Learn more about our journey in our 2023 Corporate Social Responsibility Report.


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