Indoor elegance and outdoor performance, inspired by nature

JANUS et Cie is an industry leader in design-driven furnishings for the outdoors, delivering nature’s inspiration to built environments to support connection, balance, and well-being. JANUS et Cie is committed to what’s next—not only in materials and engineering, but also in supporting the future needs of individuals and organizations.

Create Social Spaces That Inspire and Refresh

Sunlight. Fresh air. A new perspective. Just as people gravitate toward nature, they’re drawn to spaces inspired by the world beyond their windows and walls. JANUS et Cie delivers nature’s inspiration to the workplace, specializing in modern outdoor furniture that creates social spaces that support connection, balance, and well-being. JANUS et Cie's outdoor office furniture embraces flexible work environments that prioritize well-being. 

Indoor Elegance, Outdoor Resilience

JANUS et Cie's outdoor commercial furniture is designed to enhance indoor spaces and engineered to withstand outdoor elements.  Our portfolio offers flexibility, relaxed sophistication, and performance. From indoor atriums to rooftop lounges, JANUS et Cie specializes in creating out-of-the-ordinary social spaces with modern outdoor furniture that fosters connections and leaves a lasting impression.


Both playful and elegant, Forest seating evokes the refreshing elements of nature, weaving them into the workplace for an unexpected, sculptural effect.


With their clean lines, impressive span, and modern shapes, JANUS Titan umbrellas do more than provide shade—they create striking visual interest and bring elegant definition to a range of social spaces.


With its indoor elegance and outdoor spirit, Slant’s distinctive angles and structured cushions invite human-centered comfort and ease to any space it inhabits.


Sleek and stunning, Quinta combines intricately woven JANUSfiber® and natural teak in a way that makes for exceptional durability and performance—even in heavy-use environments that are exposed to the elements.

JANUS et Cie

Named for the Roman god Janus, whose two faces look both forward and back, JANUS et Cie aligns seamlessly with Haworth’s deep respect for design heritage and its dedication to innovation. Since 1978, JANUS et Cie has been committed to what’s next—not just in materials and engineering, but also in supporting the future needs of individuals and organizations.  

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