The Campus is the Classroom

The momentum for change in higher education has accelerated dramatically. Active learning is happening across the campus, both inside and outside of the formal classroom.

To remain relevant, environments where people learn, work, play, and restore are being designed to meet an increasingly diverse population—evolving teaching, learning styles, and new technologies— empowering your students, faculty, and staff to reach their full potential. The campus is also an integral part of the community, designed to draw in visitors, host events, support area employers, and fuel economic growth.

Get inspired by spaces we’ve created in partnership with a few of our clients. Then explore five space types that every campus should consider to support active learning, whether in person, virtually, or a combination of both.

Optimizing Performance Enriches the Experience

Higher education is taking a more holistic view of the campus and striving to differentiate the experience of campus-goers. Whether prospective students and families are evaluating academic rigor or extracurricular activities, designed spaces can engage the mind and heart from the first visit to graduation and beyond.

Haworth can partner with you to uncover opportunities within four key themes:

  • Anticipating change by uncovering the sources of change, Haworth helps you design flexible spaces that adapt to change.
  • Offering choice Haworth can show you how to enhance experiences through inclusive design to promote a sense of well-being—physically and psychologically—to keep minds engaged and focused.
  • Challenging the status quo Planning for “what’s next” includes testing new concepts and approaches to teaching and learning. Haworth’s research, client spaces, and our own living lab help ensure spaces designed today remain relevant into the future.
  • Connecting people and technology Count on Haworth to help you determine the right balance of integrated technology for content sharing and problem solving to support in-person and virtual interactions.

Haworth has a proven track record of providing solutions for higher education. Our portfolio of furnishings and insights helps you create more diverse spaces that optimize performance and enrich the campus experience for everyone.

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