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Students learn anywhere on campus. Educational spaces are becoming more versatile, and higher learning institutions must adjust accordingly. Haworth can help create modern campus environments that foster community, collaboration, and learning. From the classroom to the student union, thoughtful space design and outstanding products enhance the educational experience.


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Designing Modern Learning Spaces

Universities and colleges are the vanguard of learning, exploration, and research. We understand that the entire campus is a holistic place—those activities aren’t confined to the classroom or the laboratory. Haworth's "4 Cs" of higher education spaces guide our approach to creating campus environments:

  1. Change is Constant - Smart design and flexible solutions equip leaders to adjust for evolving educational dynamics.
  2. Challenge the Status Quo - Designing campus spaces should involve considering new ideas, experimenting, and testing new approaches.
  3. Choice is the New Norm - A variety of space types gives the campus community options for where to learn and work.
  4. Connection is Key - Environments should facilitate student engagement and bring people together to network and collaborate.

Campus spaces should foster connection and adapt for the future of learning. Whether renovating existing environments or building new ones, it’s essential to center the needs and desires of the university community.

The 5 Types of Campus Spaces

When designing the modern campus, it can be helpful to think of libraries, lecture halls, and other locations in more abstract terms. Isolating the fundamental purpose of each space within its broader context can help enhance its utility to the community.

Here are the 5 space types:

  • Individual – For students who need to focus and concentrate on their work.
  • Group – For collaborative learning opportunities inside or outside the classroom.
  • Multi-Use – For adaptability to support multiple activities in shared common areas like building lobbies.
  • Living – For residential areas that meet students’ essential housing needs.
  • Specialty – For engineering, arts, and athletics programs that require customized spaces.


Haworth’s Higher Education Expertise

Haworth with universities and colleges to create exceptional campus settings. Not only do we offer quality products, but we offer our knowledge and experience as well.

We understand our higher ed clients’ unique needs and provides customized solutions to enhance the educational experience for everyone.

University of North Dakota

A flagship state university built a new student union to function as the heart of its community. 

Grand Rapids Community College

A community college opened a satellite campus after renovating an empty shopping mall.

Davenport University

A business college opened a new, state-of-the-art facility that mimics corporate spaces.

Haworth Higher Education Learning Lookbook

See how we’ve partnered with universities and colleges to improve and inspire the modern campus. In this guide, we highlight how different environments foster learning.