Haworth pricing in Canada is driven from Haworth’s North American price lists and utilizes a Canadian multiplier. To help avoid rounding errors, multiply the products base price and any options by the factors below and then add the base and options together to get the total list price. Additionally the “Class” codes in parentheses below can be found on the bottom of each Haworth price page and tie to Haworth discounting. Below are Haworth’s current Canadian multipliers:

  • 1.0 - All Haworth Products

Haworth list prices and discounts are subject to change without notice or approval. In the event of an adjustment to list prices, National Sales Agreement (NSA) customers will be notified in advance according to the terms of the NSA. Applicable prices are those in effect at the time of the receipt of an order: Haworth reserves the right to use the published list prices effective at the time of shipment, if the requested shipping date is more than 120 days after the order receipt date.