AIA Course #: HAW920-A – HSW 1 LU/Introductory

Project Planning & Design/Building Design

IDCEC Course #: 120198 – HSW 1 LU/Introductory
Subject Code: 3. Interior Design Education/1. Instruction

GBCI Course #: 0920029522 – General 1 LU/ Introductory
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Course Description:

Right now, in the furniture industry, most pieces have a life cycle that begins with the extraction and processing of raw materials and ends in a landfill, supporting a linear economy. This mindset has promoted global reaching harmful impacts of climate change. Imagine if we approached the designing of products with an entirely different mindset. Imagine if we designed what we use to live on through the closed loops of a circular economy. Haworth has identified three key principles of circular design that designers, specifiers, and organizations should consider as they support the transition to a circular economy.

This 1-hour course will provide an understanding of the circular economy, the three key principles of circular design, and how to identify and specify products that employ those tactics.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand what “circular economy” means in the context of furniture and consumer products
  • Recognize the three main principles of circular design in the context of furniture and consumer products
  • Understand strategies manufacturers use to put circular design principles into practice
  • Understand how to use circular design principles to identify and specify sustainable products in projects