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6 Emerging Surface Material Trends for 2024

Elevating design aesthetics with surface materials

by Haworth, Inc.

In the evolving world of workplace design, colors and materials play a pivotal role in shaping the personality and setting the mood of a space. Thoughtful design begins with a deep understanding of your goals and brand. It then culminates in a strategy to evoke specific emotions and experiences.

Here are 6 inspirational design trend themes to consider for 2024.

1. Hipstoric

The Hipstoric trend pulls from mid-century design elements while bringing in softer, current shapes for a stylish juxtaposition. It's about creating a unique, personalized space with a touch of nostalgia. Autumnal hues, including colors like copper, burnt orange, terracotta, and amber, bring a sense of humility.

This trend features expressive marble with deep veining in a variety of colors to add character and depth. Stone and rock in light and dark variations add texture, bringing a touch of nature to a space. They can serve as bold wall accents, drawing attention to specific elements.

2. Coastal Ambience

Coastal Ambience is all about expressing the relaxing feeling you have when taking in ocean views on a warm, breezy day. These elements seamlessly integrate soft natural hues of sand, sun, and shells to create a soothing aesthetic.

Interior spaces can highlight neutrality with warm whites and natural light wood tones. The color scheme includes lighter greige, taupe, creamy white, dusty pink, and blush, which beautifully complements the design elements.

To add interest, designers are accenting furniture with textured materials like reeded surfaces, caning, rattan, and twisted rope. Plush, high-pile bouclé upholstery adds a touch of luxury and comfort.

3. Artisan Wanderer

Artisan Wanderer draws inspiration from global décor and craftsmanship, collecting and combining materials and elements from various regions and cultures. Handcrafted and locally sourced materials take center stage in this trend.

Warm golden tones infuse the palette with warmth and vibrancy. Upcycled brick and imperfect tiles showcase the beauty of reused and salvaged architectural features, which provide a unique appearance.

Tapestries, geometric patterns, and animal prints add a touch of richness to this trend. Handcrafted wovens and natural materials add textural warmth.

4. Natural Immersion

Sustainability and a connection to the outdoors are the driving forces behind the Natural Immersion trend. Designers bring the calming influence of nature indoors through biophilic design elements and a palette featuring sage, mossy greens, and eucalyptus mixed with wood elements and earthy neutrals, such as brown and beige.

HGTV's top color pick for 2024, Persimmon, a mix of terra cotta and tangerine, connects these orange/brown tones to warm and rich wood finishes as well as the arid climate—which may feel less intuitive when thinking about "nature."

Soothing, nature-inspired décor and furnishings can offer respite and a sense of relaxation from bustling urban surroundings. Sustainable elements like recycled materials, fibers, raw wood, and eco-friendly resources such as surplus sheep's wool, kelp, hemp, and rattan help create beautiful spaces while supporting the environment.

5. Neo-Deco

Neo-Deco embodies the fusion of opulence and contemporary design aesthetics. This trend draws inspiration from the whimsical designs of the 1920s Art Deco era, seamlessly merging them with modern influences.

In Neo-Deco, gracefully curved forms take center stage, with the arch emerging as a pivotal element. These design concepts appear in furnishings, materials, patterns in art, and architectural components. Metallic finishes, such as chrome and industrial matte aluminum, shine brightly. High-gloss and high-sheen finishes on furniture and cabinets add a touch of luxury.

The palette features Peachy Pink, a soft and bright color that evokes happiness with a touch of boldness beyond typical pastel hues. Electric blue infuses interiors with vibrant appeal. Sunset Coral, one of Coloro's key colors for spring and summer 2025, serves as an "antidote to the current obsession with productivity and, despite its energetic appearance, encourages you to relish moments of leisure." 

6. Sensorial Wellness

The Sensorial Wellness trend focuses on creating inclusive, multisensory experiences for individuals with various sensory abilities. Serene shades of blues, greens, and soothing beiges, paired with varying degrees of gray, set a calming ambiance. These colors are complemented by light wooden tones and natural stone elements, infusing a sense of warmth and softness.

To further enhance this trend, integrate engaging textures, such as fluting, etched glass, or iridescence. Sound-absorbing elements like upholstered sculptural lighting add visual texture and support sensory relief from the noise of the surrounding environment. Incorporating natural elements and materials can enhance creativity and clarity of thought.

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