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Creating an Inspiring Workplace Destination

LPAS Architecture + Design created a headquarters that brings its people together

by Haworth, Inc.

As companies continue to adapt to hybrid work environments—where employees seamlessly shift between in-person and remote work—office design has become a greater priority for organizational leadership. Employers are challenged to turn their offices into compelling destinations that entice employees to come into the office, foster collaboration, and cultivate a sense of belonging.

The Importance of the Office 

Leaders have come to realize that it is essential to create a workplace that supports hybrid work to keep their people engaged. That entails accommodating employee needs for flexibility, as well as supporting company culture and collaboration. The office plays a pivotal role in reinforcing connections, cultivating teamwork, and instilling a sense of belonging. It’s about creating a place where people want to come to work. 

LPAS: A Destination Worth Coming To

LPAS Architecture + Design took the challenge of reimagining its Sacramento headquarters to be a thoughtfully designed space that captivates and entices their employees to come into the office. By converting a historic industrial building, located in colorful neighborhood known for its soulful mural artists, into a vibrant, collaborative workspace, LPAS set out to create a destination office environment that would inspire employees.

As an architectural firm designing for themselves, they knew that it needed to be extraordinary—designed with intent, creativity, and strategy. The plan needed to cultivate a culture of collaboration and align with their values. The design centered around providing a unique work experience with opportunities to choose where to work and fostering choice, comfort, and flexibility.

“In order to create a hybrid office experience that was so compelling, that our staff actually looked forward to our in-office days, we knew we needed to rethink how we work, where we work and when we work. “

Brady Smith
President, LPAS

Enhancing a Culture of Collaboration

Collaboration lies at the heart of any successful workplace culture. LPAS's office layout is designed for projects, not departments. This layout encourages cross-disciplinary interaction, allowing architects, interior designers, and landscape architects to work side by side. The absence of assigned workspaces fosters flexibility, enabling employees to adapt to their project needs by choosing from a variety of adjustable workstations and seating. Common project islands serve as areas to gather for reviewing blueprints, working with finishes and materials, and exchanging ideas.

Glass wall systems with sliding panels facilitate adaptable meeting spaces, while a freestanding Pergola doubles as a welcoming lobby and meeting area. This multipurpose space reflects LPAS's commitment to creating an open and inviting atmosphere that fuels interaction and innovation. 

Nurturing Mental Health and Well-Being

A truly inspiring destination goes beyond collaboration; it nurtures the mental health and well-being of people. LPAS's office is full of natural daylight, with large skylights and an overhead glass door that can open to allow fresh air and views. It offers various spaces that support a range of workstyle choices. The lower level provides dedicated spaces for focus work, huddle rooms for small meetings, and a comfortable library nook for research and idea sharing.

LPAS recognized the importance of restoration for people during the workday. Outdoor spaces and a café area offer employees the chance to recharge and engage in impromptu conversations. The company also welcomes beloved pets into the office to boost morale and reduce stress.

A Future Defined by Inspiring Destinations

As leaders work to balance remote work and in-person collaboration, companies that embrace the idea of the office as a destination will have an advantage when it comes to attraction, retention, and engagement in the era of hybrid work. LPAS's headquarters provides an inspiring example of the future of work by prioritizing collaboration, employee experiences, well-being, and flexibility. Understanding this transformative potential of the workplace can help companies create dynamic environments employees want to be a part of—inspiring destinations where they can thrive.

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