Pergola Workspaces


Pergola is a freestanding architectural workspace that also functions as an office space divider. Pergola is a space where people can get away to connect, collaborate, or focus.

Pergola Workspaces Overview

Pergola offers a spectrum of materiality choices, and a broad range of space and room solutions that are scalable in performance and application. One common room solution is using Pergola as an office space divider. No matter the use, Pergola is easy to specify, install, and reconfigure, and it complements base building architecture without the permanence of construction.

    • Light-scale, space division
    • Integrated lighting solutions
    • Single room sizes from 4’x4’ to 12’x12’
    • Horizontal framing in 2’ increments
    • Vertical and horizontal tiles that include: wallcovering, laminates, markerboard, PET Painted aluminum slats, laminate slats, drapery, glass inserts
    • Available accessories include transaction worksurfaces, coat hooks, worksurface support, accessory shelf
    • Proud-mount technology tower
    • In-wall power and data
    • Ability to gang rooms together to create any room size
    • Ceiling slats
    • Best of NeoCon - Silver Award
    • Interior Design's HiP at NeoCon Award Winner
    • ETL Listed to UL Standards
    • Meets ANSI/BIFMA X5.5 Standard for Desk and Table Products
    • USA


Pergola Workspaces Models

Pergola Workspaces Accessory Coat Hook

Pergola Workspaces Accessory Tethered Ledge

Pergola Workspaces Accessory Tray

Pergola Workspaces Ceiling Light Trough

Pergola Workspaces Ceiling Slat

Pergola Workspaces Ceiling Slat Radial

Pergola Workspaces Drapery Radial

Pergola Workspaces Panel Post

Pergola Workspaces Panel Straight Horizontal Tiles

Pergola Workspaces Panel Top Rail Radial

Pergola Workspaces Panel Top Rail Straight

Pergola Workspaces Pergola Slat Painted Radial

Pergola Workspaces Slat Laminate Radial

Pergola Workspaces Slat Laminate Straight

Pergola Workspaces Slat Painted Straight

Pergola Workspaces Spanning Top Accessory

Pergola Workspaces Straight Drapery

Pergola Workspaces Straight Vertical Tiles Panel

Additional Models

Architectural Interiors Freestanding Revit Family (Zip File)

Pergola Insight Technical Guide

Pergola With Typicals Product Line Family


Business Transformation

Leverage real estate in new ways to build spaces quickly, empowering employees to connect, collaborate, and focus. Pergola provides a series of bundled room solutions with a collection of individual parts and pieces that allow designers to easily specify their room size, degree of enclosure, function, and finishes.


Creative Space Today

Pergola offers a variety of applications to suit people’s needs for choice. Its scalable design lets designers unleash their creativity—from materials to modularity and size options. Pergola provides the customization desired in today’s workspaces to create inviting environments that support employee workstyles to keep them engaged. To learn more watch this Pergola Installation Overview


Focus or Restoration—Alone or Together

Pergola helps people focus or restore—alone or together—in high-performance workspaces for organizations driven to innovate. Flexible yet functional destinations with vertical surfaces and space division offer a sense of privacy so people can claim control, reduce stress, and optimize performance.