Enclose Frameless Glass 2 Channel

Designed by Haworth Walls Design team

When acoustical and speech privacy are primary sources of worker dissatisfaction and stress, space designers are continually challenged with meeting the acoustical needs of people, and within smaller footprints. Enclose Frameless Glass (EFG) 2 Channel demountable walls provide the acoustical performance of conventional construction in a beautiful, highly adaptable, responsive alternative. 

Enclosed Frameless Glass 2

Dual track system

Enclose Frameless Glass 2 Channel features a dual track system that accommodates up to two panes of glass. Install one pane for a standard level of privacy, or two for greater confidentiality in private offices and conference rooms. Add a double glazed door to minimize sound transfer to and from adjacent area through the entry way. 

Privacy, Beauty, and Effortless Adaptability

With the look, feel, and acoustical performance of conventional construction, Enclose Frameless Glass 2 Channel walls offer space-saving, easily adaptable options that support privacy needs for meeting rooms, conference rooms, and offices. 

Enclosed Frameless Glass 2
Enclosed Frameless Glass 2

Acoustical Privacy

In a class by itself, EFG 2 Channel walls provide exceptional acoustical management in a moveable glass wall. Daylight is allowed to permeate throughout the space with views unobstructed by frames, while the sound of conversation is contained within.