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Haworth is re-envisioning the future office based on societal shifts—accelerated by the global experiment we’ve all been living the last two years. In a Work from Anywhere ecosystem, people will choose from locations like home and third places, but the office will remain the hub. This is where connections happen and culture thrives. See the spaces and products that support your future office needs.

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From the Haworth family of brands there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re designing your new office or furnishing Social Spaces—indoors or out—explore new workspaces, products, materials, and more, from designers around the world.

NeoCon Awards

Anywhere you are, Haworth is there—with products of remarkable design. We are pleased to announce that several of our products were honored with prestigious awards this year at NeoCon.


Best of NeoCon

Silver! GAN Patch and Cord
Category – Flooring Carpet: Area Rugs

Silver Zody II and Zody LX
Category – Furniture Seating: Ergonomic Desk/Task

Business Innovation Award!  Haworth Cardigan Lounge
Category– Furniture Seating: Sofas and Lounge

Sustainability Award!  Scapes, Novelty, and Hobson
Category – Textiles Upholstery

Silver!  HushHybrid
Category – Acoustics and Privacy



Interior Design HiP

Winner!  Haworth Cardigan Lounge
Category – Workplace Lounge Seating

Honoree!  Lud’ina
Category – Workplace: Guest Seating

Honoree!  San Siro
Category – Workplace Lounge Seating

Honoree!  Poppy with Tablet
Category – Conference Seating


Metropolis Likes

Winner!  Zody II and Zody LX
– Task Seating

Winner!  Haworth Cardigan Lounge
Category – Lounge


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Experience Our Brands

At Haworth, we believe space matters and impacts your lifestyle wherever you are. From our showroom to Social Spaces indoors and out, and our presence in the lobby at theMART, you can experience the breadth of our brands that help you live and work beautifully. Watch this animation to discover these admired brands from around the world.


We Lead with Design

Our research and design centers on three continents propel us forward into the future with innovative, design thinking fueled by a tapestry of diverse cultural influences. Through our brands we bring you products and services to curate the lifestyle you love.

Anywhere You Are, Haworth is There

From the craftsmanship of artisans to the precision of engineers around the globe, our portfolio fills your space design needs with core elements that furnish the office floorplate—and more. We make interiors for wherever you work and live—workspaces, restaurants, hotels, vehicles, planes, boats, medical centers, schools, and homes.


Curated Partnerships

Our partnerships with leading brands and global designers are cultivated to bring you the best possible solutions that support our Organic Workspace approach, perspective, and design aesthetic.


NeoCon Recap

Explore our spaces, see our featured products, and get inspiration for your projects from our slideshow.


Connect with a Haworth Representative

When you connect with us, we’ll make sure you’re directed to the person who can help you best.



theMART River Park

No matter where work gets done, switching spaces throughout the day is beneficial for productivity and stress reduction—particularly when we take our work outside. Social Spaces—indoors and out—help people relax, gather, connect, and restore.


Explore Compose Echo & Zody II/LX

Get moving with Compose Echo, where work happens fluidly in one dynamic team space. Compose Echo workspaces move for you to create active spaces that accommodate changing workstyles. Pair your space with our new Zody II and Zody LX task chairs, designed as the perfect companions for height-adjustable tables.

Haworth Compose Echo along with Fern desk chair


Compose Echo is a space that moves with you, a workplace system for today and the future—where both individual and collaborative work happen fluidly in one dynamic team space.