Design Choice & Comfort for All

Introducing the first dual posture task chairs designed for use with height-adjustable tables—to support sitting and “perching” postures. Zody II and Zody LX deliver new design choices, enhanced sustainability, and unmatched ergonomic comfort for more people.

Dual Posture & Enhanced Ergonomics

Building upon our legacy of seating research and expertise, Zody II and Zody LX provide enhanced ergonomic comfort for a broader range of people. Dual posture supports you in any posture—from seated to the in-between “perch” of sit-to-stand.

A Leader in Sustainability

Building on the environmental heritage of Zody Classic, Zody II and Zody LX meet the demands of a circular environment by incorporating recycled content, healthy materials, attributes, and programs that extend useful product life, as well as material recovery capabilities afterward.

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