At Haworth, we think beyond our business with a collective purpose to make the world better. We are committed to designing products with people in mind while making the best use of the Earth’s resources for a sustainable future. This means supporting a circular economy and making material choices that keep our resources in closed loops—by recycling, reusing, and rethinking our processes.

In the US alone, 55 million pounds of synthetic plastic textiles are sent to landfills every day. Only 1% of all synthetic and plastic-based textiles are eventually fully recycled. Haworth offers textiles that have been redesigned from thrown-away materials into revolutionary biodegradable textiles.* Part of the CLEAN IMPACT TEXTILES™ Biodegradable line, Scapes is a proprietary, “leave-no-trace” solution that complements textile recycling. This game-changing technology establishes a new, bi-circular economy model for polyester fabric to flow through either a biological or technical cycle at the end of its useful life.


Scapes is a matelassé fabric in 16 colorways for both upholstery (Grade C) and vertical (Grade D) surfaces. Its rich tactile surface captures light and shadow, adding dimensionality and warmth to the material. Variation and intricacies in the details create a bas-relief effect—as if the surface is emerging—bridging variations found in Nature with supporting geometry and the structure of weaving.

See all the colorways and a list of products available with Scapes upholstery.  


*91% biodegradation in 1,278 days under ASTM D5511 conditions. No evidence of further degradation.