Belong Power Modules


By Peng Zhan

Charge and connect your devices with Belong Power Modules. They include the Power Cube, which has outlets, wireless charging, and USB-A and USB-C ports; the Power Strip, which has additional outlets—and the Belong Power Suite, which combines both. These 15W and 65W modules can be freestanding or mount on a workstation.

Belong Power Modules Overview

A key part of the Belong Power Solutions portfolio, the sleek and durable Belong Power Modules provide access to power outlets and USB ports.

    • Power Cube
    • Plug Strip
    • Power Suite
    • A variety of mounting brackets is available for all Belong power modules
    • Elements are designed to work with Belong wire management tray, mesh cord manager, and cord management cuffs, as well as the Belong hatch
    • Belong power suite, power cube, and plug strip are not designed or UL/CSA listed for “daisy-chain” applications
    • ETL Listed to UL Standards
    • China



Power Modules

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