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Bowi nesting chairs are a versatile seating option for a wide range of environments, including conference rooms, cafeterias, and other places where people gather. Bowi’s unique forward tilt pivoting mechanism minimizes storage space, and casters make it easy to reconfigure seating arrangements. When you’re ready to sit in a Bowi chair, simply tip the one-piece shell backwards until you hear a click.

Bowi Overview

With Bowi chairs, you’re only limited by the space you have. Organizations can maximize the utilization and flexibility of their floor plates, as each additional nested chair only takes up 8.3” (210 mm) of floor space. Plus, Bowi’s simple, clean aesthetic fits well anywhere.

    • An infinite number of chairs on casters can roll together and nest for easy storage—you’re only limited by the amount of space you have
    • Only 8.3" (210 mm) of storage space needed per additional nested chair
    • Tip-forward design with a unique pivoting mechanism that easily clicks and locks into place for safe sitting
    • Simple, clean aesthetic with a one-piece molded plastic seat shell
    • BIFMA LEVEL 2 Certified
    • iF DESIGN AWARD Winner
    • China

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Configure Rooms with Multiple Layouts

Flexibility is an important aspect of space design. With Bowi, you can easily arrange your seating to suit any purpose – a presentation, small group work, or even dining. The nesting chairs take up minimal space when stored, so you can easily add or remove seating as well.

Move and Store, Click and Sit

Bowi chairs are a versatile, mobile seating solution that minimize storage space. Casters allow you to quickly rearrange Bowi as needed, store them with a forward tilt, and roll them together. When you’re ready to use Bowi, simply pivot the one-piece shell until you hear a clicking noise – then sit, work, or gather.

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