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Haworth hosts expert discussion on the benefits of working outdoors and designing workspaces with nature in mind

June 24, 2022 – Haworth Connect hosted a panel discussion about the benefits of working in nature and outdoors and how to design workplaces with nature in mind. The recorded webinar is available here.

“Researchers found that just simply walking around in nature can really help improve cognitive function, attention skills, short-term memory and creative problem solving,” said John Scott, Senior Design Workplace Strategist at Haworth. “Access to the outdoors and working outdoors can help us really improve all aspects of our lives.”

The human body craves a connection to nature and all the health-infusing, mood-boosting benefits it offers. Unfortunately, most people live the bulk of their lives indoors. Since the office has become the hub of the work from

anywhere world, people tend to spend a lot of their days there.

John led the Haworth Connect discussion about how designing workspaces with nature in mind is a key to promoting happiness, health and productivity. He was joined by guests Chris Correll, of Emeco, and Alexis Contant, of JANUS et Cie, who shared trends in outdoor offices and how designers have been finding clever ways to bring the outdoors in.

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