The Best Stressbusters for 2021 and Beyond with Jordan Friedman
We are currently living through a time where many of us could benefit from tools that help us alleviate stress and anxiety. The COVID-19 pandemic is still impacting how we live and work today—but there are proven ways to reduce stress that will help you find success this year.
In this presentation, Jordan Friedman, a pioneer of stress and anxiety reduction education—and former director of Columbia University’s Health Education Program—will provide key ingredients for your 2021 stress management plan.
Jordan specializes in teaching concrete, data-driven, and effective strategies no matter the sources of one's stress—including his popular Quick Calm technique, which you will learn during this session.

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January 14
11-11:45 am ET

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Make 2021 a Success with 2020 Insight featuring Dr. Natalie Nixon, Dr. Marci Rossell, and Dr. Allan Hamilton

Learn about the tools you need to find success in 2021 from our featured panelists, including Dr. Natalie Nixon, Dr. Marci Rossell, and Dr. Allan Hamilton. Each shares their perspective about the ups and downs of 2020 based on their expertise and experience. They offer insights meant to encourage you to channel lessons learned into new opportunities for success in 2021.


What Companies Get Wrong about Innovation with Jeff DeGraff

Make innovation work where you work. Dr. Jeff DeGraff believes everyone, everywhere has the power to innovate, but recognizes that even some of the Fortune 500 companies he’s advised experience challenges in democratizing innovation. In this presentation, Dr. DeGraff shares a collection of stories demonstrating what companies often get wrong—and how to get it right. Learn how to look beyond technology and “yes people” to instead, focus on your competencies and the valuable critical feedback that will help you build your innovation strategy.


Forget Career Paths—Curate a Career Portfolio with April Rinne

Traditionally, professional development has been framed as a straight path, with defined milestones that we must achieve—one at a time—to attain career success. But in today’s world in flux, the career path is giving way to the concept of curating a career portfolio. Acclaimed speaker and advisor April Rinne explains how we can prepare for this shift and what kinds of skills and mindset are needed. A long-time portfolioist, April shares how you can curate your own career portfolio, as she brings insights for harnessing this potential and the new opportunities it creates.


Creating a Personal Brand in a Virtual World with William Arruda

Having a strong personal brand is essential in a digital world. Personal branding pioneer William Arruda discusses how your first impression has moved online and shares the process you can use to turn the “flesh-and-bones” you into the “bits-and-bytes” you. William also explains how technology has actually made work more human and how you can build real, authentic relationships online. You’ll come away from William’s presentation knowing three things you can do immediately to advance your career and bolster your personal brand in our new virtual reality.


The Future of Technology + Medicine with Dr. Adam Gazzaley

We are ushering in a new era of experiential medicine—using novel and future technology as cognitive treatments. Adam Gazzaley, MD, PhD describes his development and use of the first FDA-cleared digital treatment for ADHD and the first video game cleared by the FDA as a medical device. In this presentation, Dr. Gazzaley also shares digitally-delivered interactive experiences with innovations in machine learning, virtual reality, physiological recordings, and non-invasive electrical brain stimulation to enhance cognition.


4 Creative Leaps Your Business Needs with Natalie Nixon

Ambiguous times love creativity! In this session, we explore creativity as our ability to toggle between wonder and rigor to solve problems and produce novel value. Creativity strategist and President of Figure 8 Thinking Natalie Nixon, PhD shares ways to build an adaptive business and uncover the ROI of creativity. You will come away with tactics to be even more creative and innovative during times of uncertainty.


Kvadrat: Pure Expression in Textile Design with Anders Byriel & Stine Find Osther

Hear the story behind the innovative designs of Kvadrat, one of the world’s most revered and renowned textile houses. Kvadrat’s CEO Anders Byriel and VP of Design Stine Find Osther will share the company’s unique perspective and insights on the latest trends in color and materiality. This informative and inspirational presentation includes a moderated Q&A session with Anders and Stine.


A GAN Conversation with Mapi Millet

Inspired by the heart, GAN rugs and poufs are handcrafted, piece by piece, using natural fibers and traditional techniques. In this presentation, GAN’s Creative Director Mapi Millet shares the brand’s story and its focus on empowering local artisans to preserve their culture for the next generation, while earning a living from their skills. Learn about the company’s history, unique designs, new products, and their partnership with Haworth.


Learning to Thrive in Constant Change with April Rinne

The pace of change has never been so fast—and the coronavirus pandemic has been an incredible accelerant. We are living in a world in flux, requiring new disciplines to thrive in our professional and personal lives. Author of the upcoming book, Flux Mindset: Disciplines to Thrive in Constant Change, April will guide you on a journey through a set of 8 disciplines from Flux Mindset that help us live, work, and lead better. 

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The Inspiration for Our Virtual Showroom with Patricia Urquiola

World-renowned architect and designer Patricia Urquiola will share her inspiration for the new Haworth virtual NeoCon showroom, which highlights spaces for high-performing teams to collaborate, create, and innovate. This insightful presentation includes a moderated Q&A session with Patricia.


The Innovative Designs of Kvadrat with Anders Byriel

Hear the story behind the innovative designs of the global textile house. Kvadrat’s CEO Anders Byriel discusses the company’s unique perspective and its continuing partnership with Haworth. This informative and inspirational presentation includes a moderated Q&A session with Anders. 


Digital Knits and Trends in Surface Materials with Alexis Putman

Haworth’s Color, Materials, and Finishes Designer Alexis Putman discusses the new and unexpected applications of digital knits in textiles. Learn how Haworth Digital Knits are evolving surface materials to create unique design possibilities for office interiors. This fascinating presentation of what’s next includes a moderated Q&A session with Alexis.


The Creative Mindset: Mastering the 6 Skills That Empower Innovation with Jeff DeGraff

The personal creativity needed for innovative design is not a gift for the chosen few—it can be learned, and this immense untapped resource is available to all of us. Master innovator Jeff DeGraff introduces the six essential creative-thinking skills/steps used at some of the most innovative companies in the world: Concentrate, Replicate, Elaborate, Associate, Translate, and Evaluate (CREATE), and explains how anyone can use them.


Workplace Agility for the New Normal with Luc Kamperman & Julian Chender

COVID-19 has fundamentally changed the way we engage with work and the workplace. Organizations must now consciously design for flexibility and adaptability in their cultures, technologies, and physical spaces. In this session, Luc and Julian explore the implementation of organizational agility through activity-based thinking—examining individual and organizational life as a collection of activities to be performed.


The Next Decade of Socialization with Lauren Rottet

Just when society began to crave “togetherness” like an obsession, we were halted abruptly and told to steer clear of one another. Award-winning architect/designer, Lauren Rottet describes how she sees the world evolving in this paradox, first in the near term and then over time. Learn how her unique background has influenced her design philosophy, as she shares her point of view on the future of hospitality and social spaces.


Our Post-COVID Psychological and Cultural Future with Barry Schwartz

What happens when the global consumer population has been trained to expect a culture of choice—then overnight has virtually none? The current crisis reminds people of which choices really matter. But unstructured time and infinite distraction on the internet may make things worse. What will it take for people to not just go back to the way things were once this siege has lifted?


Economic Insights for a COVID Economy with Dr. Marci Rossell

What exactly is the “COVID Economy,” and what adjustments do we need to make in order to adapt? As real first-quarter data for 2020 rolls in, economist Dr. Marci Rossell will share her insights on updated economic results from around the globe. Discover what we’ve learned so far and why tougher community interventions actually make for better post-pandemic economic outcomes.


Get Ready to Embrace Disruption with Pam McNally

The virtual future we've predicted is quickly becoming the new normal, changing how we live each day - even more so now. New technology and digital platforms are constantly emerging and quickly being adopted, leading us to a crossroads. Add in the generational shift and new points of view, and it&'s hard to tell which way to turn. Executive Vice President of Digital for SANDOW and Interior Design Media Pam McNally will discuss this brave new world, evolving client expectations and tech trends, and what it all means for you.


Why Our Brains Can Fail Us During the COVID-19 Crisis with Dr. Allan Hamilton

The human brain is a marvel of planning, risk assessment, and strategy execution. But what happens when we encounter circumstances we’ve never experienced? Harvard-trained neurosurgeon Dr. Allan Hamilton will explain how and why emotional reactions tend to overtake logical thought in a crisis. Learn to recognize—and overcome—situations when the brain disregards logic and resorts to more primitive emotional responses.


Designing in a Virtual World with Patricia Urquiola

Architect and designer Patricia Urquiola works on projects all over the world. Her studio has been working virtually with their clients for years—and often their meetings and project reviews are not held face-to-face, or even in the same time zone. Discover how Patricia balances innovation and design with craftsmanship and quality to create pieces and spaces globally—oftentimes from a distance.


New World of Work with Jeff DeGraff

The future isn’t what it used to be—so what does this all mean? And what do we do now? University of Michigan professor Jeff DeGraff answers these questions using a creative mindset to identify incongruities and anomalies happening today, and emerging opportunities you can act upon. Called the “Dean of Innovation,” he has been at the forefront of some of the most significant innovations of the past 30 years, advising hundreds of Fortune 500 companies how to look beyond the obvious.


Economic Insights with Dr. Marci Rossell

Many of us fear that the US—and the world—may be heading into a coronavirus-fueled recession. But economic expert Dr. Marci Rossell says there are some key differences between this financial crisis and previous recessions, which could indicate quicker financial recovery. Hear her views as she shares thoughts about the impacts of the COVID_19 pandemic on our economy.