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What if your desk chair could offer the refined coziness of your favorite sweater along with the support and style of the latest running shoe—combining beautiful knit patterns, soft high-performance fibers, and breathable comfort?

Knit Design & Innovation

Produced using state-of-the-art digital knitting machines and custom fiber compositions—based on our specific requirements for strength, durability, and softness—Haworth Knits offer new and unexpected textile possibilities. Removing typical design constraints, knits provide more freedom to create striking, unique pieces with patterns, colors, textures, and performance elements unavailable elsewhere. This also opens the door to future opportunities for creating bespoke pieces through yarn fibers, colors,
and stitching.

And because Haworth Knits are engineered to exact dimensions, there is no cutting or leftover material, producing a perfectly-sized, zero-waste result that supports organizational sustainability efforts.  

Haworth Knits are the embodiment of design and innovation—creating workspaces with the residential warmth people are drawn to. Look for more designs and fresh ideas to come, as our scientists, engineers, designers, materials experts, and globally renowned manufacturing partners continue to work together, researching and developing new uses for knitting technology across our range of product lines. 

Welcome to Your New Desk Chair

Very Knit Inspiration

Very® Desk Chair

Haworth Knits make their debut with a knitted back for the Very desk chair. With remarkable coziness, the knit back brings a contemporary look and feel to Very. Intentional stitching variations add both visual interest and ergonomic functionality: a tighter stitch is used for more support in the lower-back area and a more open stitch in the upper back allows greater flexibility and breathability. Five new colors, curated by Patricia Urquiola, are available in a single pattern mélange yarn, offering design combinations that range from subtle to stunning when paired with the variety of available seat upholstery.

See how you can customize Very for your space.

Design Your Own 



Coming Soon

Knit back options for Zody® and Fern® desk chairs are currently in development and slated to be available soon. 

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