BuzziFalls Standing

Designed by Sas Adriaenssens

Patterns stand up to soften open spaces. 

BuzziFalls Standing
BuzziFalls Standing Three Screens
BuzziFalls Standing Add On Screen

Panel Discussions

Organize spaces, regulate sound, and add visual interest with BuzziFalls Standing, a freestanding and folding room-dividing screen. Strips of BuzziFelt with precision cut shapes form organic or geometric patterns. Spaces are more inviting and take shape with BuzziFalls Standing as a single or three screen model with optional add on screens to delineate larger areas.

Sounds Right

BuzziFalls Standing is engineered with two layers of BuzziFelt stretched vertically and hinged horizontally between frames to effectively damper sound in open spaces, lessening high tones such as phone ringtones and the sound of typing.

BuzziFallsStanding freestanding pannels

Specs & downloads


Product Style Width Depth Overall Height
Single Screen 33.07" 15.75" 80.31"
Three Screens 99.21" .83" 80.31"
Add On Screen 33.07" .83" 80.31"