By Alain Gilles

BuzziBlinds are distinguished by their dynamic shapes and optional V-cut feature in the material for a stronger architectural look. This freestanding room dividing screen is available in a variety of shapes to create visual movement within spaces. With a simple twist, the series of five rotating acoustic blinds can be opened or closed to varying degrees to control visual and sound privacy.

BuzziBlinds Overview

    • Acoustic performance
    • Visual privacy
    • Acoustic privacy
    • Tackable
    • Freestanding
    • Mobile
    • Multiple heights and styles
    • USA

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BuzziBlinds Classic

Short, Medium, and Large

Curved and Regular Baseplate

Casters and No Casters

Contrasting and Non-Contrasting Fabric

Catalog Number HCBZ-BDCx-xxxx

Surface Materials

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BuzziBlinds Models

BuzziBlinds Classic Screen Curve Base

BuzziBlinds Classic Screen Straight Base

BuzziBlinds Screen Arch

BuzziBlinds Screen Beach

BuzziBlinds Screen Wedge

BuzziBlinds Straight Screen

Additional Models

Haworth Collection Privacy and Acoustics Product Line Family

Screens Revit Family (Zip File)


Product Documents

BuzziBlinds Product Sheet

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