Enhancing Social Spaces. Enriching Connections. Elevating Brands.


Enhancing Social Spaces. Enriching Connections. Elevating Brands.


There’s plenty of noise in the business world, but the best spaces have the capacity to cut through it all and say something meaningful—something that inspires people to pause, gather, connect, and refresh.

Haworth Collection is all about creating high-impression and social spaces that speak to people, impacting not only how they feel and connect, but also how they remember your brand.



Philippe Starck

New to Haworth Collection this year are Passion and Caprice collections by Cassina, designed by Phillipe Starck. Despite his thousands of projects—completed or in the making—Phillipe Starck never forgets the essential. He has a mission and a vision: Creation, whatever shape it takes, must make life better for the largest number of people possible.

Draw People In.

The best spaces do so much more than provide chairs for sitting and surfaces for typing. They’re also inviting in a way that puts people at ease, opening minds, elevating moods, and encouraging conversation. Each design in Haworth Collection’s ever-expanding portfolio has been chosen to create social spaces that do more — spaces that foster thought, reflection, and interaction. From welcoming guests to supporting employees, irresistible spaces give everyone more reasons to come to the office

Haworth Collection

Cultivate Moments That Refresh.

What it means to be “at work” is more about freedom and choice than a specific location. With mobile technology, every square foot of space is a potential work or meeting zone, allowing people to leave their desks in search of sunlight, a change of posture, or a moment to re-center. Haworth Collection designs invite this change of scene by creating a range of social spaces that rate high in beauty, comfort, and function. Here’s to restoring balance and fostering well-being without leaving the office.

New to Haworth Collection

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These in stock lifestyle designs ship and deliver in just three weeks and with over 20 options in a medley of sizes and colors, there’s something for everyone. Check back often to see what’s new.

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