Collaborate Freestanding Screens


By Haworth Design Studio

Collaborate Freestanding Screens function as space dividers, acoustic barriers, and privacy screens for collaborative work. These screens are versatile, with 80 possible configurations that include various sizes, materials, and add-ons like personal hooks and markerboard rails. Collaborate screens can also move easily with pivot casters or glides and have an optional monitor mount.

Collaborate Freestanding Screens Overview

As part of the Collaborate portfolio, Collaborate screens empower people to work together while providing visual and acoustic privacy in any floorplan.

    • Create space division and acoustic/visual privacy in open floorplans
    • Customizable with 80 possible configurations, combining add-ons, mounts, materials, finishes, and sizes
    • Tackable fabric and markerboard options support collaboration and keep reference materials handy
    • Markerboard rails can be added to allow tablet markerboards to be mounted and removed as needed
    • Display/share information digitally with monitor mount functionality
    • 42" and 48" screens can be configured at 90º angles from one another, creating corners for greater acoustic privacy and more application options
    • Choose 4-way-pivot casters (two locking) or glides depending on space and mobility needs
    • Add single or dual-sided hooks to hang bags and other personal items
    • Dimensions intentionally designed to align with other Haworth products
    • GREENGUARD Gold Certified
    • GREENGUARD Certified
    • USA

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No Markerboard Rail

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