Market-Leading Acoustics & Flexibility

Hushoffice products reduce distractions and support various workstyles. These right-sized enclosures have integrated casters for easy movement within a floorplate, which maximizes space utilization and flexibility.

The Hushoffice Portfolio

Hushoffice improves workplace performance. People are more effective when they can choose where to work. Hushoffice pods provide a controlled environment that reduces audio and visual distractions.

Empowering Employees to Decide

Giving people variety, choice, and control over their work environment helps increase employee performance, well-being, and happiness. Employees will seek spaces in the workplace where they can focus.

Acoustic Design Guide

From open and private work areas to social spaces, sound affects every environment. Acoustic balance should be an integral consideration during space design and planning.


Flexibility and Space Utilization

Maximize your floorplate for today and tomorrow. Hushoffice pods are a cost-effective alternative to conference rooms and are modular to adapt to changing business needs in real time. They ensure acoustic privacy and help people concentrate better in the office.

Improved Focus and Well-Being

Choose between quiet work environments and open floorplans to be more comfortable and productive. Being able to complete tasks without interruption or distractions helps get work done.

5 Office Acoustics Solutions to Minimize Noise Complaints

Improve Focus without an Office Redesign

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Considerations for Creating Hybrid Collaborative Spaces

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