HushAccess.L is a freestanding acoustic pod for groups to collaborate, and fits in your space without modifying your floorplate. Enhanced with a lower threshold and wider entryway it allows access for all people and any assistive or adaptive equipment. Acoustic properties provide speech level reduction to ensure the privacy of conversations inside and minimize noise from outside.

HushAccess.L Overview

    • Speech level reduction at a measurement of 20.5 dB secures privacy of conversations
    • Presence-activated ventilation and LED lighting guarantee comfort and convenience
    • Upholstered interior panels
    • Optional table with laminate or thermally fused laminate (TLF) finished worksurface
    • Power module with standard outlet and ports for USB-A, USB-C, and ethernet
    • Requires minimal disassembly to move within the space
    • Meets IBC Requirements
    • Complies with ADA Standards for Accessible Design
    • UL Listed
    • Poland

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Catalog Number HCHO-HAP6-CxY2


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HushAccess.L Models

Hush Access L


Flexible Spaces to Get Work Done

Hushoffice pods offer a high degree of privacy and control within open environments. Employees can retreat for focused, individual work, and gather in small groups to collaborate. Hushoffice pods combine the best of two worlds: a private, quiet space when you need it and access to the social connection and collaboration found in the workplace.

Future Proof

Hushoffice acoustic pods maximize space utilization through applications that create quiet spaces within an open floorplan. HushPhone, hushHybrid, and hushMeet are equipped with integrated casters for easy mobility to respond to changing cultures and adapt to new ways of working as the workplace evolves. HushAccess.L requires minimal disassembly to move it within the space.

A Sound Choice

Hushoffice pods offer a variety of quiet spaces within open-plan offices for individual focus work or small group collaboration. By absorbing, blocking, and covering sound, pods decrease distractions and lower stress levels to improve productivity, engagement, and attract and retain top talent.