Pip Collaborative


By Haworth Design Studio

Pip collaborative table offers the flexibility and design to turn social spaces into workspaces. Clean, curved lines contribute to a warm ambience, while bringing a light and whimsical—yet functional—feature to the work environment.

Pip Collaborative Overview

    • Sized just right to be paired with lounge seating in social spaces: 28”H x 30”D x 54”W
    • Place Pip Collaborative in between two sofas to create a highly functional booth Curve surfaces edges for soft, elegant silhouette
    • Curved surface edges for soft, elegant silhouette
    • Laminate or veneer surface
    • Broad selection of neutral and accept base paint colors
    • USA

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Pip Collaborative Table

Laminate Top

Veneer Top

Catalog Number S970-x00-H


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Pip Collaborative Table

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