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Haworth’s near-term and net-zero targets for operational and supply chain emissions establish next steps for carbon accountability journey

November 16, 2023 – On October 26th, the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) validated Haworth’s near-term and net-zero emissions targets. This milestone is the most ambitious designation available, an industry net-zero first and the result of a global team, multi-year effort.

“With SBTi validation and expanded data, Haworth has greater transparency, a better understanding of our total global footprint and coordinating strategies across all of our facilities,” said Franco Bianchi, Haworth President & CEO. “This process has already made a tangible impact on product development. We are sourcing materials with higher recycled content, exploring alternative materials with lower embodied carbon and developing knock-down shipping solutions.”

Haworth Cradigan lounge chair in teal blue upholstery

The company’s carbon accountability efforts include the following near-term and net-zero (or long-term) targets:

  • By 2030, Haworth committed to reduce operational emissions by 60% and supply chain emissions by 42% compared to 2021 levels.
  • By 2050, Haworth committed to reduce both operational and supply chain emissions by 90% compared to 2021 levels.

Haworth’s SBTi journey includes the entire company and all brands – 180 showrooms, warehouses and manufacturing sites across the globe.

Haworth’s Cardigan Lounge (photo above) is a significant product example for Haworth’s path towards achieving circularity and reinforces the commitment to sustainability. The chair has a biomass foam seat, a digital knit with recycled PET yarn, no glue, small packaging to reduce transport emissions and easy assembly/disassembly for second life.

Additional information about Haworth’s sustainability and corporate social responsibility journey is available here.


Haworth is a leading global furniture maker steeped in workplace expertise that fuels innovative designs for optimal performance. The company is values-driven with an entrepreneurial spirit and a design-forward approach. As a multicultural organization, Haworth embraces the strength that comes from diversity of thought. We believe great spaces empower people to thrive. Haworth Group is a curated portfolio of the finest brands that furnish the most desirable spaces in the world. Each brand brings a unique perspective and expertise to create extraordinary experiences. The diversity of offering is rich in design heritage and craftsmanship, continuing to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Founded in 1948, Haworth operates in more than 150 countries through a global network of 400 dealers and 8,000 employees. Headquartered in Holland, Michigan, U.S.A, the family-owned company has sales of $2.5 billion USD.