Become part of the family.


Become part of the family.


Our Family Values 

  • Diversity at Haworth


    Haworth designs and manufactures products that are sourced and produced all over the globe. In every market, we seek to honor the people and the materials of that region, because at Haworth, we celebrate difference. That also extends beyond the different materials and cultures reflected in our products to the different people we employ and work with. We believe all expressions of ethnicity, race, religion and orientation belong. Here, you get to be you. That's what family is all about.

  • Purpose


    We believe our employees should feel invested in and excited by what they do. That's why we refer to all our employees as members. Here, you will play a distinct and necessary part in meeting the needs of our customers. We're here to support your career aspirations, and to help you meet your potential. We take meaning and wellness seriously for every member of our family.

  • The Haworth Relationship


    Founded by G.W. Haworth in 1948, Haworth is a privately held, global leader in the contract furnishings industry. We're equipped with the same rigor and financial power as a public company, but with more flexibility to focus on the things that count-our clients, our people and our future. That means we look for ways to keep our employees connected and invested in the larger community. Everyone plays an important role here, and we know we're better as a whole because of each individual member .

Member Stories

Trevon Neal

Trevon has been a part of the Haworth family since 2017. He currently splits his time between working as a welder and in assembly. He has his eyes on some exciting opportunities for his future, and we're going to help get him there.

Dan Foley & Lorelly Alcantara

Dan and Lorelly are the perfect example of how our members thrive when they are willing to teach and willing to learn. When it comes to leadership, Dan is about as good as it gets. And when it comes to being smart and hard-working, Lorelly can show us all a thing or two.

Mitch Wiersma

Mitch is an electrician who has been with the Haworth family since 2011. Some of his work experiences have taken him from Michigan to Germany and back again. He's had multiple relatives work at Haworth, and with an eye on becoming a journeyman electrician, his future looks bright.

Career Opportunities

Haworth employs thousands of people all over the world, drawing on their diversity in knowledge and skills to fuel our innovative and collaborative spirit. We are always seeking talented, engaged people to fill a variety of positions—from professional and technical to sales and manufacturing roles.

Professional/Technical Career Opportunities

Professional / Technical

We offer many professional and technical career tracks for our members at our global headquarters in Holland, Michigan, ranging from human resources and finance to engineering, in support of our organization’s day-to-day operations.

Sales/Marketing Career Opportunities

Sales / Marketing

Haworth has a showroom presence in 20 major North American markets, with sales representatives embedded in regions across the US and Canada. Our product management and marketing teams are centrally located to lend support from our global headquarters in Holland, Michigan.

Manufacturing/Operations Career Opportunities

Manufacturing / Operations

With eight manufacturing sites in North America, we offer opportunities at all skill levels and a range of disciplines that include entry level roles, skilled trades, engineering, and management. Our facilities are located in Michigan, Mississippi, and North Carolina.

Student Opportunities

Student Opportunities

Education is one of our core values established by our founder, G.W. Haworth. That's why we seek to engage the minds and inspire the hearts of aspiring professionals through a variety of higher education scholarships, internship opportunities, and summer work programs. By investing in you, we invest in our communities—and our future. 

Veteran Opportunities

Veteran Opportunities

Haworth aligns with veteran organizations to help veterans bridge the employment gap between military experience and transition into the civilian workforce. Together with our partners, we create opportunities for unemployed and underemployed veterans in the West Michigan community.

Join the Family

We are excited to introduce you to all that Haworth has to offer—from the many valuable benefits to programs that support your lifestyle needs and opportunities for professional development.  Haworth is an equal opportunity employer.