Haworth acknowledges the commitment you have made to your country.  We recognize how your military experience provides exceptional knowledge and skills, both of which are directly transferable to civilian careers and invaluable to our organization. Our strategy to promote West Michigan as a destination for top talent includes initiative and programs focused on providing employment and other opportunities to benefit veterans, spouses, and their families.

Haworth Careers

We value diversity, and the breadth and depth of competencies gained through specialized training make veterans from across all branches of the military desirable candidates for roles throughout our company. Our strategy to promote West Michigan as a destination for top talent includes initiatives and programs focused on providing employment and other opportunities to benefit veterans and their families.

Are you a veteran looking for work in Michigan? Haworth aligns with veteran organizations to help you bridge the employment gap between military experience and the civilian workforce. Your hard-earned military skills are transferable to the office. We are poised to provide the next opportunity for your career path.


Veteran-Friendly Employer Programs

We are proud to be a 2020/2021 gold-level employer in the Veteran-Friendly Employer Program sponsored by the Michigan Veteran Affairs Agency (MVAA). This honor places Haworth in the top eight percent of the 401 employers and organizations to receive certification and signifies Haworth has some of the best jobs for veterans in Michigan. Haworth hosts and participates in activities and programs, including sponsorship of a Veteran Member Resource Group (VMRG), to foster community while providing support for Haworth service members and veterans, as well as their families.

A Message from Dick Haworth

Chairman Emeritus Dick Haworth, who served as a commissioned officer in the United States Army from 1967-69, extends his gratitude to veterans for their service, as well as to the families, friends, and communities who support them.

Translating Your Skillset

Creating a civilian resume based on your military experience can be as challenging. For guidance to connect how your military experience and skills are transferrable to the role for which you’re applying, visit My Next Move—an online resource created with veterans in mind.  This resource will help you determine how your abilities, interests, knowledge, and skills align with civilian career opportunities.

Terri L. Coleman — Senior Technical Communication Specialist

“A requirement of being in the military is the ability to work as a team. As a project manager at Haworth, I draw on my experience every day to work effectively to reach our team goal.”

Joshua Raymond — CNC Operator

“Haworth is very supportive of its military members. I was working in the plant when I was deployed in 2008. Throughout my year of active duty, Haworth not only kept my job, but also gave me my regular pay increases. I’m still in the National Guard and can work around my drill schedule. I feel valued as a veteran working for this company.”

Veterans Member Resource Group Mission 

VMRG believes that each service member, veteran, and family member should be afforded the opportunity to become prosperous and productive in civilian life. Based on this belief, VMRG seeks to support service members, veterans, and their families as they transition from the military to civilian employment through various support services. To make this mission a reality, VMRG partners with Haworth to provide opportunities, as well as insight, into the most effective means of providing veterans with: employment strategies and tools; focused marketing; and translating military skills, education, and leadership. 

For more information contact [email protected]

Find Your Next Career at Haworth

Haworth welcomes you, our nation’s service members who are veterans or transitioning from the military, in pursuit of rewarding, long-term civilian careers. We look forward to learning how your unique talents and skills can translate into a civilian work role with Haworth—from professional or technical to sales to manufacturing—that is the best fit for you.

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