Active Ergonomics

Active Ergonomics broadens the benefits of healthy productive workspace to include the entire work environment. Office work has fundamentally changed. For most people, the days of continuous heads-down work in a cubicle are a thing of the past. The daily work experience is now inseparable from technology use, and includes individual, group, and social interactions that occur in a widening range of space types. However, the scope of traditional office ergonomics is limited to individual work in the primary workspace. The Active Ergonomics approach includes all work environments where social, interactive, and focused work is conducted. Active Ergonomics broadens the scope of influence of good ergonomics principles to the entire workplace—not just the primary workspace. It can help organizations create an overall environment that reduces health risks and increases the performance of people—wherever they may be working.  To learn more about Active Ergonomics, visit our Knowledge page and explore our white papers.