Designed by Haworth Design Studio & Patricia Urquiola

Human beings are social creatures. We crave interaction and thrive in moments of spontaneity. Immerse worksurfaces were thoughtfully designed to help us connect, collaborate, and engage. The tables create a welcoming atmosphere in the workplace where serendipity can flourish.

Immerse Shift
Immerse Overlap
Immerse Stack
Immerse Single
Immerse Ledge

Catalyst for collaboration. 

Creativity and innovation can take shape at a moment’s notice with Immerse. A catalyst for spontaneous collaboration, each worksurface creates a social hub that invites serendipity, variety, and choice in the workplace.


Happily engaged.

Culture can’t be forced or manufactured. But it can be nurtured. Immerse captures the feeling of home in the workplace. Warm and welcoming, the tables’ comfortable, people-centric design keeps everyone inspired and engaged.


Positive energy.

It’s proven. Healthy humans create positive energy that delivers better performance in the workplace. Immerse focuses on our natural movements, creating a landscape for you to sit, stand, and support your overall well-being.


SHIFT the way you work

The workhorse of the workplace, SHIFT supports our natural inclination to collaborate. With adjacent worksurfaces for sitting and standing, Shift offers variety, choice, and a place for people to come together and unleash their creativity.


Meetings made to OVERLAP

Made for movement, OVERLAP features a modern, dual-level worksurface designed to enhance your overall well-being. It gives you the means to choose and the energy to sit, stand, and work actively, on your own terms.


See how things STACK up

STACK nurtures the natural human tendency for spontaneity and multitasking with its welcoming doublelayer design. The lower sill offers space, storage, and flexibility to keep your resources within arm’s reach.


Embrace every SINGLE moment

With four unique shapes to choose from, each Immerse SINGLE worksurface offers a welcoming sense of warmth and comfort where teams can come together, connect, and collectively engage in an intimate workplace setting.


LEDGE ability

LEDGE brings the energy of the café to life in the workplace. A modern touchdown workstation, the raised height of LEDGE supports our natural movements with a welcoming aesthetic that invites casual collaboration.


PLANTERs power people

An outlet for expression, a source of inspiration, and a place to plug in, Immerse PLANTERs are the center of the action. Their open storage design lets teams share, store, and power up for thoughtful engagement.

To work in community is  to be flexible and understand many ways of being, and being together.
- Patricia Urquiola

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