Sit-Stand Workstation

Designed by Ergotron

The WorkFit Sit-Stand Workstation optimizes the interaction between people and their technology to enhance the human experience and provide long-term value. This versatile solution easily retrofits a table or desktop into a height-adjustable, sit-to-stand workstation in just seconds. It’s easy to position the keyboard and monitor to the most comfortable and ergonomic height to help reduce eye, neck and back discomfort.

Workspace featuring Workfit Sit-Stand workstation by Ergotron

Flexibility for the Way You Work

The WorkFit Sit-Stand product line is designed to meet a variety of user and facility needs. Offering generous height-adjustment ranges, each choice empowers users with greater freedom of movement and control. Compact and space-efficient, they are ideal for smaller floorplans and shared spaces.

Easy, Efficient, Ergonomic

WorkFit Sit-Stand Workstations are easy to install on just about any existing tabletop or desktop. Adjustment is simple, with no cranks or motors to engage. Smooth extension and retraction motions enable fluid, intuitive positioning.

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Durable, Dependable Performance

Patented technology in all Ergorton Sit-Stand Workstations provides stability throughout the range of motion and ensures a long life of trouble-free performance.

Specs & downloads

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