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6 Apps to Nurture Well-Being at Work

Support your physical, emotional, and cognitive health

by Haworth, Inc.

Especially during times of uncertainty, maintaining your holistic well-being is an important way to reduce stress and feelings of sadness, while sharpening memory and increasing creativity. This includes devoting attention to physical wellness in supporting your physiological needs, emotional comfort by nurturing your psychological state, and cognitive performance that supports your mind in doing its best work.

Whether you’re working from home, in a community space, or at your workplace, many apps can help you take actions that have positive effects on your overall well-being at work. Here are a few of our team’s favorites:

1. Welltok is a health management platform for enterprises that enables people to set custom wellness goals and objectives, track their activity and fitness levels, and improve mental sharpness by playing mind-stimulating games and taking quizzes. It keeps employees socializing about their health and wellness efforts in and out of the office, letting them share photos, exercise tips, healthy recipes and more.

2. Hotseat creates friendly competition among colleagues and around the office. Employees organize challenges, along with the challenge start date and team, and then the last person standing is the challenge winner. Hotseat also sends reminders to encourage users to take two-minute activity breaks.

3. MyFitnessPal is the ever-popular fitness app that continues to be ranked one of the best. It features a free, easy-to-use calorie counter that lets users quickly track their meals, snacks, and beverage intake throughout the day using a database that holds more than 5 million different types of foods.

4. Elevate is a “cognitive training app” that offers 35+ activities to help improve pronunciation, name recall, comprehension, precision, focus, etc. This personalized brain training happens in a game-like format to make exercising your brain fun.

5. Meditation Studio offers more than 200 guided meditations featuring 27 leading meditation experts to help you destress, sleep better, and boost your confidence.

6. And, finally, for those of us who need a quick one: Power Nap lets users set a timer for up to 30 minutes, provides relaxing sounds to fall asleep to (rain, beach, etc.), and has various alarm sounds that are actually pleasant to wake up to (piano, birds, etc.).

According to Haworth’s Dr. Michael O’Neill, “Well-being is not a short-term emotion, like ‘happiness.’ It’s an enduring state that can lead to productive, engaged, and healthy employees.”

Do you have a favorite well-being app? Let us know on social media (links below), and help others live well.


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