The Openest Portfolio   

 Haworth’s Openest portfolio was designed by Patricia Urquiola. It’s a collection of award-winning lounge sofas, privacy screens, and private desks and booths. Together, Openest is a cohesive, comfortable collection of products that gives people alternative spaces to work, especially for focus tasks or group collaboration.

Versatile Office Solutions

Openest products provide visual and acoustic privacy in the workplace, and they give people more choices of where and how to work within the office.

Built for Focus Work

Openest Privacy Desk

Haworth Openest Privacy Desk Booth in green color with white desk and blue chair with blue phone in closed off office area

The Openest Privacy Desk has 3 screens and an attached worksurface to provide additional privacy for individual work.

Creating Comfortable Workplace Spaces

The Openest collection of seating, workspaces, and screens has plenty of practical applications in the workplace. These products are modular, customizable, and cohesive. Together, they make office spaces feel more like home with soft surfaces and rounded edges.

Dynamic Spaces for Diverse Workstyles

From solitary contemplation to group planning, Openest accommodates a broad spectrum of work activities, improving efficiency and supporting different ways people work. The collection blends into environments to create spaces that are cozy, warm, and inviting.

Providing Privacy in Open Spaces

To complete tasks that require deep focus and concentration, people need to avoid distractions. Sometimes, they may seek more private retreat spaces away from their assigned desks. Openest products provide visual privacy and reduce disruptive noise, and these elements can be customized to fit any space.

Welcoming and Inspiring

Openest designer, Patricia Urquiola, describes the collection as “kind of an oxymoron,” explaining, “At its heart it is a nest, but it’s also open.” Openest creates more intimate places for people to meet and work yet is readily adaptable to change.”

Haworth Openest Privacy Booth in blue color and grey inside with white desk and yellow seating with employees working inside the booth in open office space

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