With innovation being one of the top 5 business drivers for today’s organizations, it’s crucial for workspace design to foster the creative process leading to innovation.

Two employees collaborating over a desk in a sunny office space

How can smart design support innovation?

For creativity and innovation to flourish, space design should protect people’s ability to focus and encourage restorative behaviors in the workplace. Given the right spaces to support the ideal creative rhythms within an organization, people can be free to do what they need to do to innovate.

Team Spaces

Dedicated team spaces insulated by physical barriers allow strategic, high-focus group work to be done

Social Interaction

Set up for social interaction, inspirational group restore spaces with elements of nature invite people in and help ideas flow

Physical Barriers

Spaces that allow individuals to externalize ideas help them lock in information. Physical barriers block distractions, allowing users to concentrate on their work.


Accessible, informal spaces with daylight views offer individuals the ability to restore, while providing connections to others and information.

Smart design fosters creativity with individual and collaborative spaces that support a rhythmic combination of high-focus work and restorative activities (yes, this means rest!) throughout the workday.

Designs that encourage this rhythm of activities in the workplace set the stage for innovation.

... And, all organizations need to innovate!