Maple - Hardwood (M2)

Grade A
A part of the Standard Collection

Amber M2-CA1

American On Maple M2-W23

Beech On Maple M2-W04

Caramel On Maple M2-W33

Classic M2-83

Cordovan Anegre On Maple M2-W13

Crown M2-W24

Espresso On Maple M2-W15

Golden Anegre On Maple M2-W08

Heritage On Maple M2-W30

Light Anegre On Maple M2-W07

Light Cherry On Maple M2-W06

Mahogany Satin On Maple M2-W21

Medium Cherry M2-U

Natural Maple M2-N

Naturally Walnut On Maple M2-W12

Pacific On Maple M2-W32

Retro On Maple M2-W31

Sand On Maple M2-AD

The images shown and color representations are subject to your monitor quality and screen resolution settings. Physical samples are recommended, and available through your local Haworth dealer.

Available Colors

Technical Information

  • Species


  • Veneer Cut


Available on these products

Product Notes

The following colors are available on Benson Recliners & Sleepers: (M2-W33) Caramel on Maple, (M2-W15) Espresso on Maple, (M2-N) Natural Maple, and (M2-W32) Pacific on Maple.

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