Designed by Dan West

Cultivate brings an aesthetic scalability for expressive or restrained design. With a residential look that warms up the work environment, Cultivate addresses the practical needs of a communal table for the office in a simple yet highly-customizable design.


Create Social Spaces

Design a new space from scratch or integrate Cultivate into an existing floorplate to create a work table for the office that fosters community. Cultivate provides an informal communal hub, adding social spaces and break areas to the office landscape. Whether sitting- or standing-height, it’s easy to support varying postures and spur creativity.

Balance Practicality and Visual Appeal

With so many options for customization, Cultivate offers warmth and variety through functional and aesthetic features—from finishes to storage options. Pair Cultivate with select X Series storage components, add power capability, and accessorize with bag hooks to suit people’s needs.


Create the Look You Want

Tops and frames are specified separately so you can create the look you want—designing a unique top is a cinch. Frame fixtures allow for easy dimensional customization by the inch: depth, width, or height. Minimalistic, yet warm in appearance, Cultivate is available in the full range of standard Haworth paint colors, veneers, and laminates for both frames and tops.

Specs & downloads