04/16/2024 • 2 min read

Redefine Your Workspace

Solutions for enhanced productivity and seamless collaboration

by Haworth, Inc.

In today's dynamic work environment, where efficiency and collaboration are essential for success, Haworth's research and design approach stands out. Through extensive research and direct engagement with customers, we gain invaluable insights into their needs and challenges.

Our design team consists of individuals who possess the empathy necessary to understand user needs. This knowledge is seamlessly integrated into the product development process, resulting in solutions that cater not only to individual work needs but also to group dynamics.

Watch the video below to discover the journey behind our innovative solutions, Compose Echo and Collaborate, precisely tailored to address real-world workplace demands.

Customizable Workspaces with Compose Echo

Compose Echo workspaces offer a menu of modular workstation components, representing a culmination of our dedication to user-centric design. It empowers individuals to adjust their workspace to their preferences and needs.

The development of Compose Echo focused on fine-tuning individual work points, while maintaining workspace efficiency, despite challenges such as gravitational forces and user interactions.

Solutions for Any Space with Collaborate

Collaborate mobile carts and freestanding screens are designed to facilitate seamless collaboration. With portable markerboards for idea sharing, Collaborate integrates effortlessly into existing workspaces, fostering creativity and teamwork.

Similar to Compose Echo, Collaborate prioritized practicality and functionality in its design and development. By addressing the evolving needs of modern workplaces, Collaborate enhances teamwork and productivity.

Haworth's Compose Echo and Collaborate offer practical solutions to address today's workspace challenges. Prioritizing flexibility, functionality, and collaboration, these innovations empower individuals and teams to thrive in fast-paced work environments.

Our main focus was to give users control in their individual stations, allowing them to fine-tune their interactions and preferences, whether it's managing glare, choosing to stand or sit, adjusting their view, or sharing information with colleagues. With Compose Echo products, users can navigate their space more effectively than any other product on the market.

Marta Wassenaar

Director, Haworth Workplace Research and Strategy


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