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Outdoors Is the New In

Embracing the outdoors for inspired workspaces

by Haworth, Inc.

Take a pause and consider a change of scenery. Take a break—or take all your work—outside. We humans innately crave connection to nature—and all the health-infusing, mood-boosting benefits it offers. According to growing research, spending more time outdoors is good for our health.

Daily exposure to natural light affects our circadian rhythms, which impact the length and quality of our sleep. Being in nature—even as little as five hours a month, or roughly 10 minutes a day—will help us feel happier and more connected to the world around us. The payoff is that being outdoors inspires more collaboration and creativity.

Providing areas for collaboration, socializing, restoration, and focus will help create the kinds of experiences that draw people to the workplace. The essence and the DNA of a company's brand is directly tied to an employee’s experience in to the workplace, as well as its organizational culture and community.

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The desire for people to spend more time outdoors is only natural. It’s good for human well-being—and for organizations. Working from anywhere includes the outdoors as a great backdrop to think, connect, and get things done. In this guide, you’ll find ideas and inspiration to create inviting outdoor workspaces that draw people outside. Discover our unique perspective on outdoor space and why people need a strong connection to nature at work.

As we see an increased desire for outdoor living spaces in the residential market, we also see that same demand for outdoor spaces in the workplace. “The type of furniture and the capabilities of that furniture are essential,” said Alexis Contant, JANUS et Cie’s Vice President of Marketing.

JANUS et Cie delivers nature’s inspiration to the workplace, specializing in modern outdoor furniture that creates spaces for connection, balance, and well-being. It’s beautifully designed furniture, ready for you to work on the patio. “Outdoor furniture—especially furniture for cafeterias—is the most moved furniture in the entire company, so mobility, stackability, and cleanability are critical,” Alexis said.

JANUS et Cie’s outdoor commercial furniture is designed to enhance indoor spaces and engineered to withstand outdoor elements. From indoor atriums to rooftop lounges, JANUS et Cie specializes in creating out-of-the-ordinary ancillary spaces with modern outdoor furniture that fosters connections and leaves a lasting impression.

Outdoor spaces are now becoming the highest premium of return on investment. They are often the first place that an employee, client, or investor sees.

Alexis Contant

Vice President of Marketing, JANUS et Cie

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